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Ready to channel your inner superhero?

Whether you want to feel healthier, move better, or get stronger we have a plan for you. CA offers proven coaching no matter your needs, with convenient scheduling, and is perfectly located near your home or workplace. Start living life on your own terms today.

Simple is well... Simple.

For almost a decade we have been helping people navigating the various paths of personal health and fitness, from fat to fit, skinny to strong, confused to confident, and from injury-prone to far more important than.  These paths have been straightened out with simple and consistent training, led by the best strength coaches in the area – people who have not only studied the ins and outs of the health and fitness industry, but have walked them themselves.  

What does that mean for me?

We have done the hard learning and leg work to make this process simple, and ultimately to save you time, and even pain. The kind that can comes from a lifestyle that may be spiraling out of control. We offer a like minded community of people of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. Our members constantly support and encourage each other through the most challenging times, and their greatest accomplishments.

WE have your back the entire time!

At Contemporary Athlete, we specialize in providing training to make you better at any sport, or carry to you specific fitness goals. We have decades of science and experience on our side and know how to figure out what you need.  Then, we stay with you every step of the way to make sure you stay safe, and on track.

FREE Kettlebell SHRED Program

Get ready for beach season! Kettlebells have been forging solid legs, backs, chests, abs, shoulders, and arms for over 350 years.  With this free program and these versitle tools, you get form advice, and 6 weeks of results producing workouts. 


Come in for our Athlete Movement Screening. Then we will go over the results together, and put together a plan, select the best times for you to train, and establish some goals. This way we can guarantee that you get into peak performance, and keep you injury free when you need to be!

Until I found Contemporary Athlete, I had no idea how important it is too be strong, and what it’s like to have a gym family. After working with the staff, I can do things I never thought were possible and feel fantastic.

At the CA you get support like no other place. You matter, you are held accountable, and get amazing results.

- Darcie